Hire me

I charge 680€ per day.

But I do not accept payments unless my clients are delighted. And if I do not meet the agreed deadline, I will waive off 50% of the price. If I deliver early, you only pay up to that day. I won’t charge for projects with schools, non-profit organizations, or other honorary endeavors.

For insights into how I work and in which environments I thrive, check out My user manual: How to work with me.

Email me if you’re interested in working together. The first consultation and getting to know each other are free!

What services do I offer?

Startup emergencies, system/infrastructure architecture, container orchestration, performance issues, database problems, legacy systems, dispute resolution, and increasing communication and productivity. Furthermore, I have experience in team management and as a tech lead and can provide trainings/workshops, or talks. I have a broad spectrum of skills, but it’s always difficult to assess if I am a good fit for you. Send me a message, and let’s work it out together to see if I can help.

Configuration management and infrastructure as code: Automate and control software/infrastructure as code via version control systems like Git.

Automation, pipelines, CI/CD: How to deliver software, platform engineering, automating software deployment and configuration, internal development platform.

Full/partial server management: Monitoring of metrics or logs, for example via the Grafana stack, and responding to alerts. Patch management, security analysis and hardening, and server optimization.

What I don’t offer: Microsoft Windows server/client management and fixing printers.

Why the high price?

I value your time as much as mine. The value I provide does not come from the time I need for a task, but from the time and effort I put in to gain the experience to solve your problems quickly in a way that suits you best.